about d100

We’ve always wanted to create a dental practice that is as much a place to relax and linger as it is a place for excellent dentistry — a place that you’d look forward to visiting.

Where you’d feel confident and reassured of being in safe hands. Where you’d be listened to. And where you could expect good, old-fashioned personal service but delivered in a high-performance environment. To achieve this, all the team are pretty obsessed about getting the little things perfect for you… Does Sam welcome you at reception? Can we help you to feel refreshed and soothed? Do Nancy and Sarah, our dental nurses, make you feel cared for? Would DVD eye goggles put you at ease? Do need lip balm after your dental treatment? Does your dentists chair remind of you of a comfy sun-lounger?

And we’re pretty inward-focussed too…

Are we harnessing the latest and safest dental technology? What further dental studies should we be doing to be at the top of our game? We want to get the all the little things perfect. Because they are what will add up to dental excellence delivered in a thoughtful way.

  • Our team will make you feel safe and relaxed.
  • Check your emails. We are WiFi enabled so that you can access the internet and keep in touch.
  • Our new DVD goggles can transport you anywhere in the world.
  • We have lavender neck supports to keep your neck comfortable.
  • Our deluxe White Company blankets will keep you very cosy. Snoring is optional.
  • You can have lip balm in case your lips get a little chapped.

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