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Straightening a crooked smile is now even quicker and more comfortable than ever, whether it’s with clear aligners like Invisalign®, or fixed braces.

If you’re bothered by overlapping or crowded teeth, or teeth out of position, then orthodontic treatment can help align and straighten your teeth. This can help perfect your smile, and make sure your teeth meet in their best position to improve their lifetime.

Patients of all ages can now benefit from orthodontic treatment, and we’ll tailor your treatment plan to fit your aims and lifestyle.

We’re lucky to have Dr Farah Padhani BDS (Lond) MSc (Lond) FDS RCS (Edin) MOrtho (Lond) as our specialist orthodontist. She is a clinical teacher at King’s College London and has lectured and published in orthodontic journals. Farah is able to treat both adults and children and is able to offer both traditional braces and clear aligner treatments.

Our dentists Gail Robson, Andrew Parkman, and Saagar Patel are also delighted to offer Invisalign® treatments to help discreetly straighten your smile.

Orthodontics can:

  • Close spaces – between teeth to close any gaps.
  • Fix crowded teeth – where teeth are overlapping because there isn’t enough space.
  • Tilt teeth – to correct the space between your upper and lower front teeth if you have an overjet.
  • Move displaced teeth – so out-of-place teeth are less prominent.
  • Level your teeth – so the edges of your teeth are straight.
  • Correct your bite – to make sure your teeth meet evenly everywhere so you can eat more comfortably.

Why Choose Us?

  • A range of options to make braces less visible, including Invisalign® or clear aligners, invisible braces, tooth- coloured brackets and discreet wires.
  • Treatment from a specialist orthodontist, Farah Padhani, who is an expert in her field.
  • Start treatment as soon as you’re ready, instead of having to wait months for a referral to an orthodontic practice.
  • Aftercare is included as part of your treatment plan, to make sure we keep your straighter smile perfect in the long term.
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