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Set in the heart of the City of London, D100 is a pretty unique dental experience. Dr Andrew Parkman and his team have created an urban dental retreat for guests who demand a little VIP style and service alongside their dental excellence.

We have cherry-picked the best dental professionals, thrown in high performance dentistry and infused it all with style.


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About D100

We’ve always wanted to create a dental practice that is as much a place to relax and linger as it is a place for excellent dentistry — a place that you’d look forward to visiting.
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You have high expectations of us as your dentist, and we have even higher expectations of ourselves and our dental results.
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We start by making sure you feel as comfortable, relaxed and refresher as possible. And then you can talk to us about your health, your concerns and your dental dreams.
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Our free initial consultation is your opportunity to meet us for a chat and decide whether our practice is right for you.
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Why Choose Us

  • Our team will make you feel safe and relaxed.
  • Our new DVD goggles can transport you anywhere in the world.
  • Check your emails in reception. We have 2 computers for your use and we’re wifi enabled.
  • We have lavender neck supports to keep your neck comfortable.
  • Our deluxe White Company blankets will keep you very cosy. Snoring is optional.
  • You can have lip balm in case your lips get a little chapped.


The interior is pale and shimmering with smooth, glossy ice-white walls and floors, pivoting glass doors and an impressive light scheme that zaps a ring-of-confidence halo around the entire space.
Evening Standard
Sound, light and colour technology enhance the customer experience and allay the fear of dentistry.
Dentistry Magazine
Pioneering, and setting standards that will become the norm in a few years time. An oasis of calm.
Islington Gazette
Rewriting the whole dentistry experience with interactive technology and personal comfort at its heart.
Blueprint Architecture

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